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Where's the rest of you?
It's a question I get asked a lot these days. Kind of funny, since the big push to get off extra pounds started last July and it's really been a slow and steady thing, not rapid, but I think as I get closer to goal each pound gets more visible. So first, a plug, a friend/student and I have been doing an exchange, I train with her once a week in exchange for a private. I've been doing this for a couple years, Kim is great, but July was when I decided to really grab the bull by the horns and said, "okay, tell me how to eat." I don't consider it a diet, I consider it a feeding plan, really a way of life and I feel a TON better. Kim Lohman, she's on FB, she is AWESOME and for $25 will customize a feeding plan for you (which is really just guidelines for making good choices). Who knew I was dehydrated for 20 something years of my life? It's been easy in many ways, the hardest parts were getting organized with my food, peeing like crazy for the first 3 weeks and giving up the diet/energy drinks. I get a cheat day a week, when I just go crazy and unlike all the denying of food "diets" I've gone on before, this lifestyle is one I have no doubt I can keep up.

What has me talking about it? Well, first, I have a weekend off again, 3 weekends off in a row from agility, a great recharge. :) But when I was looking at Ian Coggins pics from tryouts, I just put Rich's name in a the search engine and up popped pics from me from 2014. Ummmmm, omg, I had no idea... ( Then last week, a student who has been struggling with food made a comment about how much further she had to go than me, so I showed her my 2014 self. According to Kim, she is now back on board with the feeding plan, so kind of cool that I could help inspire her.

Don't ask me how much I've lost, we'll just go with "a lot" and yes, I still plan on losing some more before Cynosports. Weight loss is only part of the plan, BITCHWHORE (as I prefer to call Kim), is also helping me get stronger and faster. Goal is to be in the best shape of my adult life in AZ. :)

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At first 1 was looking at the photos of you in the bright pink shirt and saying "wow she looks good, what is she implying? That she was big in these photos?" I was lost for a minute or 2 then I decided to read what each photo said and then I saw the lower ones with you in the gray or pale blue shirt from 2014 and that the ;inks were from this year. Yes, so.much.difference!! You look fabulous now. But also you KNOW that it takes a forever change in the way you eat to stay healthy. SO many people go right to back to where they were because they starved themselves and worked out like that was their job. That just isn't reality and the body bounces back and more so when the fierce intensity ends. Slow and steady, always.

Mia - thank you for sharing your journey with us.

As I told you a couple of months ago, "You look great." So happy that you have found away to maintain long-term vitality!

Me too! And I'm sure Rich appreciates me being able to get him timely information, since I was never going to train him enough to cover mobility limitations. ;)

I haven't seen you in person for a LONG time but have noticed the increased foot speed and shrinking body which has correlated with getting Rich :) You look marvelous and more importantly HEALTHY. That's all that really matters. Really amazing, and yes all of us have noticed.

Thank you! I might not be able to get somewhere with Rich, but did not want to wonder if it was the extra #'s keeping me from getting there. Yup, bikini season provides no motivation, but making it to a front cross is very motivating. ;)

Ha ha yes! Bikini eh front cross yeah do it!! I've been watching your progress too. You were always fast on your feet but now light speed

I think for me, it's breaking bad habits or making new good habits and remembering I set out to do that because habits are so hard to break out of...

Yep, I had seen the changes being made even last fall (as I do get notices of your YouTube vids) but tryouts was a big wow. Good high quality vid showed it. So great. And great for the dogs too. Congrats.

Thanks! I wish the gods had given me a hall pass with bread, but I get it on the weekends. :)

Hmmmm bread....

We cut a lot of the major sources of gluten out of the house a while back. I don't really miss pasta that much, but bread.. yeah. Sometimes, gotta HAVE!

Cheat day this week may have to involve a big bowl of pasta (and of course garlic bread). It's funny, I was just talking about pasta with a friend of mine last week, because I couldn't remember the last time I had it.

Yeah, pasta seems like something you just add to something else to bulk it up. We have a lot of things that probably COULD go with pasta, we just don't add it in. But when I have it, I usually am pretty "meh" about it.

Good for you!! How exciting. Nice to see the progress! I think it can be hard to stay motivated when the progress is slow, that's been my problem anyway.

I hear you, for me it was the food denying that would get me in the end. And probably how little water I was drinking... I was lucky that the initial few weeks my body dropped quite a bit of weight and I could be/could have lost it quicker if I didn't enjoy my cheat days so much. ;) Of course those days are why I think I can keep this up for the rest of my life. :)

What's getting me at the moment is the stress eating. It's just the kiddos and I and I have no break from them. Plus trying to pack and clean everything. Hoping that once the house closes and the move is done that we can get back into a healthier routine. I'm in survival mode at the moment.

That does seem to be the key, finding a happy medium that is both healthy, but lets you enjoy your life (and eating!) too - so glad you've found it and are feeling good!

And I'm so glad you are posting here again more

I like your agility free weekends, it has been nice to hear from you!

I have been following your "changes" via agility video. I have always thought you were a good runner, and now, even better! I love the arrangement you have with your student and it is obviously working out nicely.

awesome! I'm so glad you have a plan that is working so well and is so sustainable for you and allows you that balance of enjoying the things you like, it sure feels better to feel better!

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