agilityfrk (agilityfrk) wrote,

WTT quest

So I'm going to try and qualify Rich... Hate 26", though he jumps it fine, but do like him at 24". First show at big jumps was this past weekend, QQ the first day, which after years of Vic being my main partner, it feels silly how relieved I am. It's best if I run him without thinking about the jumps, bars are same bars he used to knock regularly at lower heights and he'll figure them out, just have to trust that he understands my cues and give him the info. Videos are on my FB, will eventually get them on YouTube and maybe actually edit this to add them. Otherwise, both boys are all qualified for Cynosports, have their 3 byes if I decide to hit a 3rd Regional. El Niño is apparently code for great surf and hot weather, since we still don't have any real rain to show for it. Starlet fell down the stairs last night trying to walk up them. We went to the beach for a couple hours after the show and it was a bit much for her. She's getting older faster these days,which I hate. Vic is still awesome, treasuring this pre-old time. Rich is brilliant, so keen and smart, I can't believe I have been so lucky to get to great agility teammates back to back. Yup, brief post, but I keep waiting to do a proper catch up or rant about marketing and the need for critical thinking skills and well, coffee is done and need to get ready for work. ;)

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