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Okay, not saying I'm going to get on a roll, since I'm closing in on a year without posting....  Dogs are all good, I post lots of pics on FB, which has become my outlet since it's less personal.  Truth be told, I'm not super comfortable posting my thoughts these days.  So a thoughtless update on my dogs. :)

Starlet:  Without question, my best dog, so happy and so deaf these days.  A deaf dog that never really wanted to listen is tricky, but a happy Starlet is awesome.

Vic:  My perfect boy, can be a dick these days with dogs, but if he likes the person he likes their dogs.  He's in Performance now, he didn't have to move, but after making GP Finals and 2nd in DAM at Cynosports last year, I thought moving to Performance was perfectly timed.  He remains my soulmate of a dog and the most handsome dog  I have ever seen, even if he's starting to go a little gray.  :( SW Regionals was a few weeks ago and he was part of the winnng PVP team, won Biathon and 2nd in PGP, I didn't enter PSJ, since those aren't our types of courses.   :)  He is as always the easiest dog I have ever run, love every moment with him and hate the thought he is getting older.

Rich:  Dear lord is he talented... We have runs that are as good as anything I've ever seen and then feral.  ;-)  I added a stop to his dogwalk, in addition to the run.  He actually won Steeplechase at the SW Regional, so his first "championship".  Otherwise, we still need a leg in Adv. to finish his AAD and another JWW to move to Masters across the board.  That's right, I've started doing AKC again.  USDAA continues to frustrate me with their inability to hear the competitors and if I do international competition with Rich I'd want to go to the big event, which means AKC.  I've actually enjoyed the courses, but then I've cut back a lot on showing and any time I step in the ring with Rich and his freakspeed, it's exciting.  :)  And despite my complaints about USDAA, very much looking forward to Cynosports in 2016.

I teach a lot these days.  Looking forward to going back to Clean Run next month and will be judging a day of UKI.  When I'm not working, we're at the beach or hiking.  Really, life is good, just busy.  :)

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